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Rehab Sync to Increase Therapist Efficency!

When deciding which therapy software to use, there are so many options. So why Rehab Sync? Using the combined experience of professional software developers and therapist, Rehab Sync provides a direct approach to therapy management. Rehab Sync is a smart client application that provides a rich user interface with fast access to its offsite data storage. Users will learn by doing without the need for extensive training.

Document Summary!

Rehab Sync’s Document Summary provides a central area to manage therapy documentation. Any document for any patient can be accessed easily for review, editing, or printing. The document status window displays the pending action of all required documentation.

Warnings and Alerts!

Rehab Syncs warnings and alerts process integrates seamlessly into the month end closing process to create an easy to use therapy billing system. The Closing Summary report provides additional details to help therapist catch costly billing errors.

Therapy Management!

Rehab Sync’s provides a separate application to manage user defined groups of sites. Payroll and billing exports are available within the application for integration with billing and MDS systems. This includes multi-site overtime calculations for therapist labor.